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Ecoplas resin

Ecoplas resin and products: Made from the tapioca root, it is manufactured by Tirta Marta. It is certified by Fair For LIfe and by INSWA in Indonesia (the equivalent of the EPA in the United States). It is FTC compliant with all of its marketing claims and employs only un-biased 3rd party certification. It is EPA compliant (ASTM G21-09 verified); proof it is made from non-GMO tapioca-based starch (ASTM E1131-98, E1252-98, and D3418-03); non-toxic to wildlife (verified by Bogur University Division of Pathology, Department of Clinical Reproduction and Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in its report entitled, "Safety for Animals if Accidentally Ingested" and in accordance with standard lab procedures per Vogel H.G (2002), and; non-toxic per the RoHS test procedures conducted by the Indonesian National Laboratory.

Good for the planet, good for mankind

Salon Vollé: Salon products include reusable gloves, aprons, capes and bags, made from Ecoplas. They are sustainable, comply with EPA and FTC guidelines, and have many amazing features, such as being acetone-proof, stain-resistent to dyes, non-allergenic, and even non-static. The products are being labeled in the trade as, "the first true innovation in the salon trade in over 20 years".

Sustainable bags

Bells bags are sustainable, reusable bags made from Ecoplas. They degrade in compliance with EPA LMOP guidelines. They comply with almost all reusable bag ordinances in the United States.

Ecopia bags Ecopia sells bags - transport and otherwise - made of Ecoplas, all of which comply with these higher standards.
Oxium is good for the planet Oxium film is an award-winning, scientific breakthrough that complies with EPA LMOP guidelines and contains a non-toxic time-release additive. This additive contains no phthlates, is not listed on the DTSC toxic substance warning list, and is scientifically proven to degrade in LMOP landfills when wells are drilled (ASTM D5208 and ASTM G21-09 verified).
Food bags M2K bags are true single-use food bags made of Oxium film. They comply with FTC and LMOP guidelines and are scientifically proven to degrade under ASTM D5208 and G21-09. M2K bags also comply with California Supply Chains Act 2010 prohibiting human trafficking and slave labore. The primary usage of M2K bags is for food service. Bags that contain leftover food and organic remnants should never be recycled. They would only be shipped to Asia for sorting by disadvantaged labor, who are exposed to serious health hazards of bacteria and microbes on decaying food stuff.
At least 6 additional suppliers are in the process of being verified and will soon be added to this list.


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