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PDF document • Cal State Chico study on plastics, degradability, etc. (validity unchallenged). Proof of non-degradation of corn starch plastics, etc.
PDF document • Study by the Environmental Agency, Great Britain (validity unchallenged). Proof of contamination, negative impacts on global warming; reusable bag reuse must be a minimum of 171 times in England.
PDF document • Portland bans compostable plastics. (validity unchallenged) Why? They are not compostable and are considered a contaminant.
PDF document • The Problem and the Solution white paper (validity unchallenged). Identifies the issues, including toxins, reusability, recyclability, and the greatest emerging danger, greenhouse gas.
PDF document • University of Pennsylvania (validity unchallenged): Grocery Bag Bans and Food borne Illness report reports reusable bags contain potentially harmful bacteria.
Website • University of Arizona and Loma Linda University (validity unchallenged): Reuse bags contaminated with E-coli and other bacteria.
PDF document • FTC laws (validity unchallenged). Validating what is considered bio-degradable, etc.
PDF document • EPA Methane Gas Initiative (LMOP): EPA assists in capturing landfill methane gas and converting it into electric energy.
PDF document • Forbes magazine (validity unchallenged): How Indonesia addressed its landfill trash problems.
Website • Waste Management (validity unchallenged): How Pakistan addressed its plastic trash problems.
Website • The Ecologist (partitally invalid): Why Pakistan's ban may not work. Comments may be true for some oxo-degradables, not not for others that have been scienfically proven to degrade 100%.
Website • Interview with Dr. Narayan (3 invalidations): 1. While some oxo-degradables may not completely degrade, valid scientific tests have proven others do indeed degrade 100%; 2. Dr. Narayan's company profits from much more expensive corn starch products, and; 3. Cal State Chico Study proves that corn starch plastics do not degrade 100%.)
Website • Penn State University (validity unchallenged): Report confirming 15 additional cases of food poisoning due to the San Francisco bag ban. It has caused a significant increase in gastrointestinal bacterial infections and a 46 percent increase in the deaths from food borne illnesses.
Website • Bloomberg report (validity unchallenged): Health hazards spread in San Francisco.
Website • National Geographic (validity unchallenged): Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not a huge visable island as some report. NatGeo article does not mention the finding of plastic bags.
Website National Center Biotechnological Information (validity unchallenged): Detergents are toxic to marine life.
Website • Livestrong (validity unchallenged): Detergent pollutants harm marine, wildlife, and plant life.
Website Ecotrope (validity unchallenged): Reuse bags must be used a lot!
Website Wikipedia definition (validity unchallenged): of reusable bag:
Website Wall Street Journal report (validity unchallenged): A false sense of environmental qualities with reusable bags.
Website Cost of washing laundry (validity unchallenged): Added cost to wash reuse bags in hopes of avoiding health hazards is $35.00 annually. This is a substantial added energy burden and consumes petroleum resources.
Website • Nashville Wraps, Eco-friendly Packaging (validity unchallenged): Litter is core issue with plastic, shipping costs validated.
Website Take Part (validity unchallenged): Coliform and microbes evident in 50% of reuse bags. In store theft increases. Links food borne illness increase with plastic bag bans: http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/03/08/do-plastic-bag-bans-make-people-sick--and-steal
Website • Plastics News report on degradable plastics (validity challenged): Supposed claims of biodegradability of plastics are unproven. Requests for 3rd party documentation from ECM repeatedly declined.
PDF document • Marine Myths and Plastic Bags (validity unchallenged): False claims from reusable bag manufacturers and environmentalist verified. Myths about the Pacific Garbage Patch.
Website • Huffinton Post (validity unchallenged): E-coli infections spike in San Francisco.
Website • Packaging Digest (validity unchallenged): Many countries are willing to spend more for environmental packaging.

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